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Count Down to Sup. Commander!

2011-08-21 17:49:30 by idiot-buster

With me becoming a Commander in mid 2009 Ive spent a unexpected time spending on this rank! With me being inactive most of the last 2 years its hindered me from getting to where i want to be. Now with just over 400 more to go i will we updating this at the end of every day till i reach Sup. Commander. Note that i will be voting Fairly and not just giving everything a 5!

Total B/P points: 29633
B/P until next grade: 212
Total B/P points acquired today: 8 do far

I'm gunning to be the 196th Sup. Commander!

In a world filled with hate, we must still%uFEFF dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe 86Gs&feature=related she was loving me -Jackson/dp/1402779380


If at first you don't succeed- destroy all evidence that you tried"

Ruehl's original cologne has all of the energy and intrigue of New York combined with a cool, casual attitude. Fresh, sexy, and rugged... this scent is Ruehl's signature.

1-289-686-8429, night


Sign-Up Date: 9/18/06
Level: 28 (+6)
Aura: Neutral (N/C)
Rank: Commander(Major)
Blams: 5,921(+2,937)
Saves: 19,921(7,378)
B/P Rank #: 186 (+84)
Whistle Status: deity (Bronze)
Experience Points: 8,400(+3,460)
Experience Rank #: 1,578 (+1,505)
Base Voting Power: 6.96 votes (+0.62)
Total Voting Power: 10.79 votes (+1.91)
BBS Posts: 5,598 (+2,066)
BBS Posts Per Day: 5.41+0.27)
Flash Reviews: 101(+15)
Music Reviews: 8 (N/C)
Trophies: 0 (N/C)
Stickers: 50(+20)
NG Days per NG Log: : 2 year(s), 10 month(s) and 1 day(s) (=1036 days)
Total Pentalist Stats per NG Log: 39,949 (+19,276)

new website launch

2009-07-17 12:49:15 by idiot-buster

What have i been doing with myself..... creating a website!

Now that i have the basics doen i need to bulid upon it, since it's just a template as of now. There will be more to come.

break the code

2009-06-12 18:49:01 by idiot-buster


DEPOSIT FOR Wyattfilms

Welcome to Idiot-buster's 26th Level Up Lounge list!
Achievement of the past month!
Muffin: Level 36
Congrats to:

JarrodK: Level 24
Slightly-Crazy-Dude: Level 35
bifgis: Top 900 in Experience
MICHhimself: Level 21
Molotov: 14,000
Postsdx5231: Sergeant
KevnSevn: Level 19
sumidiotdude: 800 Reviews (Flash
crapatflash: Level 12
mwmike: Level 17
Little-Rena: Level 32
1337: Level 32
Aci6: 12,000 B/P
KrevZabijak: Level 10; Staff Sergeant & Gold whistle
TacoFreak: Level 29
LegolaSS: 1,000 Saves
IvanTuroc: Level 40
Pokemonpoeguygcn: 3,000 Blams
A: Level 35
Perceptor: 6,000 Experience
LukeLovesLemonparty: 9,000 Experience
Darkl89: Level 37
Gagsy: 8,000 Blams; 23,000 Posts
SCTE3: 1,000 Medal Points; 13,000 B/P
DumbassDude: 7,000 Posts
simon: 37,000 B/P
36Holla: 9,000 Experience
phantomlassuk: Level 30
Coop83: Top 20 BP
phantomlassuk: Level 30
Auz: Level 38
Lizzardis: Level 16
Mrputter: 2,000 Medal Points
X8X: Level 26
Hacsev: 22,222 Total Points
iscrulz: Level 45
dx5231: Level 16
Odyssic: 11,111 Saves
milinko959: 35,000 Saves
ForcedDj: 2,000 Medal Points
Shadow-1409: Level 19
NEVR: Level 32
tally1989: Corporal, 6,000 Medal points, 4,000 B/P
KevnSevn: 1 Year of Depositing
LegolaSS: 8,000 Medal Points
aldlv: 4,000 Medal Points; Finding the missing user
Haggard: 5,000 Medal Points
Bahamut: 5,000 Medal Points
Hacsev: 4,000 Experience
Mrputter: 31,000 B/P
lilhunter03: Level 25
SevasTra: 2,000 Blams; Lieutenant
BillysProgrammer: Level 13
Hacsev: Level 20 & 1234 posts
Coop83: 57,000 B/P
aldlv the seeker: 27,000 B/P
reverend: Sergeant First Class (8,000 B/P)
Auz: 48,000 B/P
Haggard: 11,000 Blams
Pokemonpoeguygcn: 7,000 Blams
MichaelHurst: Level 20
Phil: Level 24
Insanimation: 2,000 Saves
Odyssic: Major
tally1989: 7,000 Medal Points
milinko959: 50,000 B/P
dx5231: 7,000 Medal Points
Metal-Therapy: 29,000 B/P
Perceptor: 1,000 Medal Points
Blackanese: 5th NG Berfday
Sanity-of-Insanity: Level 26
Sheizenhammer: Level 12
EchoRun: Level 17
Bahamut: 17,000 Experience
SCTE3: 6.66 Base VP
JohnCena423: Level 17
Lizzardis: 3,000 Posts
FurryFox: 3,000 Posts
Sanjay: Experience > Post Count
DumbassDude: Level 23
DumbassDude: 7,000 Saves
KevnSevn: Sergeant
Makeshift: Level 13
aldlv: 5,000 Medal Points; 200 Total Medals
Lizzardis: 3,000 Saves
Pinoyguy75: Level 23
BananaBreadMuffin: Level 37
PrawDuhJee: Level 15
KrevZabijak: Top 800 in B/P
knuxrouge: Level 20
iCurrie: 1,000 Posts; 1,000 Saves
Mrputter: Level 36
Bahamut7: Level 33
Headshot777: 4,000 Medal Points
Zerok: BSc
Haggard: 33,000 B/P
Gagsy: 25,000 Saves; Top 100 B/Per
rahfa: Level 21
gfoxcook: 24,000 Experience
Metal-Therapy: 3,000 Medal Points
ninjakoopa33: Level 15
Melzaar: 1,000 Experience
schneelocke: 8.00 Base Voting Power
tally1989: 8,000 Medal Points
Aci6: 2,222 Flash Reviews
KingExodus: Police Captain
Corky52: Level 27
youngblood26: Level 23
Ehwaz003: 18,000 Exp
Lizzardis: Corporal (4,000 B/P)
IvanTuroc: 17,000 Exp
Balazeal: Police Lieutenant
dx5231: 8,000 Medal Points
Coop83: 21,000 Blams
karlkoolkid1999b: Level 2
FroNickProductions: Level 13
Dream-of-Duke: 7.77 base voting power
KrevZabijak : Level 11
PimpMasterKDOG: Level 50
Bryan: Level 12
youngblood26: 5,555 Posts
Acerbic: Level 34
Life-Stream: Level 30
K-Guare: 1 Year on NG
SCTE3: 3,000 Blams
Trish-Loves-Tubgirl: Level 30
JonnyTheWinnar: 5.00 Base Voting Power
captain-dickhead: Pvt. 1st Class
bifgis: 40,000 Total Points
Haggard: 3,333 Posts; 11,111 Blams; 20,000 Saves
Joshiwa: Level 30, 34,000 B/P
RohantheBarbarian: Level 20 & 20,000 Total Stats
Mrputter: Top 500 Exp
Grammer: 14,000 Posts
Pokemonpoeguygcn: 9,000 Saves
iscrulz: 32,000 Saves
Sir-Nuts - 19,000 B/P and 30,000 Total Stats
Metal-Therapy - Level 26
Emlfuryoflion - 8,000 Experience
KrevZabijak: Level 11, Master Sergeant and 8,000 Medal Points
Soapbubble: Level 19 and Private
Odyssic: Top 300 in B/P
FurryFox: 6.66 Voting Power
wegra2007: 2,000 Saves
zoke: 1,000 BP, 666 Posts and Happy 15th Birthday!
NeonFlame126: 3 Years on NG
dx5231: Gold Whistle
X-x-X: Town Watch
Pokemonpoeguygcn: Lieutenant
JarrodK: 6,000 Posts
C0GMA: Level 27
SpiffyMasta: 10,000 Medal Points
ninjakoopa-33: 100 Audio Review Responses
WilhelmTheVampire: 3,000 Saves, Sergeant, 5,000 B/P
jmalouin7: 10,000 Medal Points
LegolaSS: Level 35
SpiffyMasta: 10,000 Medal Points
ninjakoopa-33: 100 Audio Review Responses
WilhelmTheVampire: 3,000 Saves, Sergeant
jmalouin7: 10,000 Medal Points
sumidiotdude: Staff Sergeant
X-TERRORIST-X: 2,000 Saves
NewsReporter: Level 25
Jake: Level 36
Fim: Level 34
FurryFox: Level 14
schneelocke: 100,000 Total Points
zoke: 6.00 Base Voting Power
JJGamer: 3,000 Experience
Aci6: Level 27
Odyssic: 11,000 Experience
EchoRun: 3,000 Experience
youngblood26: 3,000 Saves
Metal-Therapy: 7,000 Experience
Pinoyguy75: Sergeant First Class
NeonFlame126: Level 30
Metal-Therapy: 7,000 Experience
Pinoyguy75: Sergeant 1st Class
Haggard: Ranked #444 for Experience; 7.77 Base Voting Power
Corky52: 19,000 Saves; 800 Reviews (Flash)
KevnSevn: Top 1,000 B/P
Statwhore: Level 17
SevasTra: 2000 Days on NG
Pokemonpoeguygcn: Level 18
SevasTra: 10,000 Medal Points
milinko959: 15,000 Blams
Coop83: 58,000 B/P
YoinK: Level 52
dx5231: Staff Sergeant; 6,000 B/P
gfox: Level 42
Littleluckylink: Level 25
SevasTra: Level 24
Frank-The-Hedgehog: Level 31
Pokemonpoeguygcn: 13,000 B/P
WilhelmTheVampire: Level 20
harriet: Level 16
KingExodus: Private
acquaticmole: 3,000 Saves
Goonie: Level 39
kokonut10: Level 24
Frank-The-Hedgehog: 10,000 Experience
Gagsy - Level 32, 26,000 Saves
Haggard - 33,333 B/P
idiot-buster - 8,000 Experience Points
mranarchy - Level 30
milinko956 - 36,000 Saves
Melzaar - Level 11
Malachy - Level 36
gfoxcook: Blams : Saves ratio 1: 1.1*
Malachy: Level 36
Lizzardis: Level 17
Emlfuryoflion: Level 28
KingExodus: Level 10
AnalPenguinFarming: Level 32
DELUCA2400: Level 22
BahamutClock: Level 32
sumidiotdude: 900 Reviews (Flash)
X-TERRORIST-X: 3,000 Experience
SCTE3: Captain; 14,000 B/P
bifgis: 11,000 Experience
Rucklo: Level 28
SevasTra: 20,000 Total Stats
LegolaSS: 20,000 Total Stats, Top 800 BP
sonofkirk: Level 25
FurryFox: Gold Whistle
A: 9.00 Total Voting Power
BrianEtrius: Private
FurryDemon: 1,000 Posts
LegolaSS: Top 600 Experienced
Faggard: 5,000 Experience
Corky52: 333 Flash Review Responses
Hellian: 5,000 Posts
Davidzx: Level 25
KevnSevn: Deity Whistle
DumbassDude: 8,000 Saves

the code to break

2009-06-02 20:52:41 by idiot-buster

Less_to_work_with @;-}>



c2F2ZSB1cyBpZGlvdC1idXN0ZXINCiEpSyBibG Ftcw0KYmV0dGVyIHRoYW4gZXZlcg0KY29tbWFu ZGVyDQpsdmwyOA0KdGhlIHRpbWUgaXMgaGVyZS B0byBiZSB0aGUgbWFuPz8NCmp1bmUgd2hhdD8g anVuZSB0aGUgMTJ0aA0KYnJpbmdlciBvZiBzbW Fjaw0KbWljam9obnNvbg0KaXQgaXMgc29vbiB0 aW1lDQp0byBiZSBzYXZpb3INCmkgYW0gdGhlIH NhdmlvciBvZj8NCndpaHQuZg0KY2FuIHlvdSBk byBpdD8g


MD2: 9e39a5c6de792371c36ba837b07e7a1c
MD4: dbad6eed341ad966d6608b5cc9284ed3
MD5: db93bb530a5c08e8af3ac91b53838364
CRC 8, ccitt, 16, 32 :


CRYPT (form: $ MD5? $ SALT $ CRYPT):
(form: SALT[2] CRYPT[11]):

SHA1: d4cb432b10c8d73f7205f8d4f32ffe2cd35d0e 96
f773a90d6931a7f859cd1834f6a7dc85237735 4f


115 97 118 101 32 117 115 32 105 100 105 111 116 45 98 117 115 116 101 114 13 10 33 41 75 32 98 108 97 109 115 13 10 98 101 116 116 101 114 32 116 104 97 110 32 101 118 101 114 13 10 99 111 109 109 97 110 100 101 114 13 10 108 118 108 50 56 13 10 116 104 101 32 116 105 109 101 32 105 115 32 104 101 114 101 32 116 111 32 98 101 32 116 104 101 32 109 97 110 63 63 13 10 106 117 110 101 32 119 104 97 116 63 32 106 117 110 101 32 116 104 101 32 49 50 116 104 13 10 98 114 105 110 103 101 114 32 111 102 32 115 109 97 99 107 13 10 109 105 99 106 111 104 110 115 111 110 13 10 105 116 32 105 115 32 115 111 111 110 32 116 105 109 101 13 10 116 111 32 98 101 32 115 97 118 105 111 114 13 10 105 32 97 109 32 116 104 101 32 115 97 118 105 111 114 32 111 102 63 13 10 119 105 104 116 46 102 13 10 99 97 110 32 121 111 117 32 100 111 32 105 116 63 32

soon it time is soon?


2009-05-20 21:44:22 by idiot-buster



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53 61 76 65 20 75 73 20 69 64 69 6f 74 20 62 75 73 74 65 72 2e 32 4e 44 5f 43 4f 4d 49 4e 47 20 2d 20 53 41 56 45 5f 55 53 2e 32 32 39 20 2d 20 53 41 56 45 5f 55 53 2e 58 32 39 20


83 97 118 101 32 117 115 32 105 100 105 111 116 32 98 117 115 116 101 114 46 50 78 68 95 67 79 77 73 78 71 32 45 32 83 65 86 69 95 85 83 46 50 50 57 32 45 32 83 65 86 69 95 85 83 46 88 50 57 32

MD2: e4f198a6f272bbe28a281e9fcd0e7753
MD4: 253fbac3f33762c7ec314de6866522ee
MD5: ee80a6bdd0681c30d10613ca5e4ae276
CRC 8, ccitt, 16, 32 :

CRYPT (form: $ MD5? $ SALT $ CRYPT):
(form: SALT[2] CRYPT[11]):

SHA1: b88b7c72c007582afe0c03bdd97f08bfd2887d 3c
12ee93c643d96f069c1b0f984d9fb78e829386 8d _81Q


idiot-buster's 2nd annual statistical celebration/ News/goals

2008-08-05 15:28:13 by idiot-buster

Here is my main page, i will try to update this every day if possible with school and all. This will allways be under construction from day to day. I will update almost every section at a weekly bases and some on a daily bases. I hope that you enjoy reading some of this and other parts that you find helpfull. Thanks for looking ~shawn~ };^)

My news/NG related news
Lasted updated 5/08/09.
Well here it is my last update until my return on JUne 12th i need to prepare for the final quater and my final exams see you then!

Latest wwe News:Backstage News On Shawn Michaels' Possible Retirement

Shawn Michaels has been spotted backstage at WWE events recently favoring his knees and walking around more carefully than in the past. His knees have been described as being in really bad shape right now.....

My song of the week.
Oasis -wonderwall

Schedule: Monday-Friday
School-7:20, well since i go to a all boys school me and two other guys go to the all girl school down the street for a snack and to, well i think you know.
I'll be on after 5:00 usually

Stats 1 year after the redesign
Sign-Up Date: 9/18/06
Level: 22 (+12)
Aura: Neutral (formerly evil)
Rank: major(+12)
Blams: 2,984(+2,228)
Saves: 12,543(+11,143)
B/P Rank #: 270 (+1836)
Whistle Status: bronze (normal)
Experience Points: 4,940(+3,650)
Experience Rank #: 3,083 (+12,903)
Base Voting Power: 6.34 votes (+1.03)
Total Voting Power: 8.88 votes (+2.65)
BBS Posts: 3,532 (+3,401)
BBS Posts Per Day: 5.14 (+4.74)
Flash Reviews: 86 (+81)
Music Reviews: 8 (+7)
Trophies: 0 (N/C)
Stickers: 30 (+30)
NG Days per NG Log:1 year, 10 month(s) and 18 day(s) (=688 days)
Total Pentalist Stats per NG Log: 20,673
6,000 posts
150 flash reviews.
top 150 in b/p
25,000 total b/p
lvl 27
7500 ex points
40,000 total stats
10,000 blams- right?
Wi/Ht member

My Latest Level Up
Level 26?

21,000 b/p
100 reviews
20,000 b/p
level 24
Blog Page

wwe news

2008-07-26 18:01:10 by idiot-buster

Controversial WWE Contracts
by Jack Windham
December 18, 2008

All eyes are on WWE right now as many people believe that the contracts that they're offering the wrestlers are a bit controversial.

Controversial WWE Contracts

With the recent contract negotiations with wrestlers, WWE has been doing something that has raised the eyebrows of many.

Lately, WWE has been trying to get the wrestlers to sign contracts that are extremely in favor of the company.

While there's nothing illegal about what they're doing, it doesn't exactly bode too well for the wrestlers.

Locking Them In

The new approach for WWE is to lock in wrestlers so that they're not able to leave for TNA (or even MMA).

The company has been having contract negotiations with Rey Mysterio for several weeks now.

The masked superstar is hesitant to sign the contract since WWE wants him locked down for 5 years; Rey Mysterio wants a 3 year contract.

WWE also recently offered a 10 year deal to Randy Orton, hoping that he doesn't flee the company after they spent so much resources on building him up as a major player.

Neither wrestler has yet to agree to a new contract, and the belief is that they're hesistant to be locked in to such a huge deal.

Many are under the assumption that WWE has taken this new stance after seeing Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley walking away from big pushes.

WWE also notices a lot of familiar faces when they check out the weekly TNA iMPACT! television shows.

One Sided

Another thing about these contracts that WWE has been offering is that they're quite one sided.

The company is making it easy for them to get out of these contracts, but making it virtually impossible for the wrestlers to get out of the contract.

WWE is allowed to break out of a 3 year contract provided they give the wrestler a 90 day notice.

Remember Colin Delaney? He signed a 3 year deal and was released shortly thereafter.

The company wants to be able to make sure that they can get out of the contract if Rey Mysterio's injury prone body falters or if Randy Orton reverts to his immature ways.

The contracts also encourage wrestlers to work while they're injured since they lose out on quite a bit of bonus pay if they miss time.

Closing Thoughts

The wrestlers really don't have a lot of leverage in negotiations. This is what happens when there's only one big wrestling company out there.

Back when I was a n00b, the mods used to tell stories of a magical Moderator who every Banmas season delivered the glorious gift of bans to all the lame, crappy users, so the decent interesting users could post whatever the hell they wanted on Banmas day while all the faggy losers had to deal with their banned ass accounts and read all the BBS joy.

And this was true, because every year, a special mod would change his name to Banta Claus and deliver these magical holiday bans to all the whiny bitchy boys and girls. However, one year the Admin redesigned the site, and took away the user's ability to change their names at whim, meaning Banta Claus could never return to the forums in all his hateful glory.

However, I've heard stories the n00blets tell, stories of a mysterious moderator who's name doesn't appear on the "moderated by" list that never the less bans lame users, signing his bans "Banta Claus"
You better not FAIL
You better not whine
Or Banta Claus is banning you for a real long time
Banta Claus is coming to town!

He's making a list
You'd better be nice
'Else you'll be banned 'till the second coming of Christ
Banta Claus is coming to town!

He knows when you are posting
He knows when you jack to porn
He knows when you trolling
Consider yourself warned.

He's banning your ass
He doesn't give a shit
So cover those nips when you post hot tits
Banta Claus is coming, to town!

What Next For Shawn Michaels?

Now that his feud with Chris Jericho is over, what's next for the legendary Shawn Michaels?

Moving On

For several months now, Shawn Michaels has been engaged in a great feud with Chris Jericho.

With Chris Jericho being moved into a title feud with Batista, that leaves Shawn Michaels with a void to fill.

WWE is going to have to find a good feud for Shawn Michaels to work with until they can put him back into a program with Chris Jericho.

If Shawn Michaels can remain strong in a feud or two, WWE can easily insert him back into a feud with Chris Jericho and have it be fresh again.

The two are candidates to headline Wrestlemania together in a title match.

Until then, however, they need to be kept apart for a little period of time to allow things to work itself out.

Lynching Lance Cade

After No Mercy had ended, the obvious choice for a feud with Shawn Michaels was none other than Lance Cade.

During the main event ladder match, Lance Cade cost Shawn Michaels the title by interfering against his former real life mentor.

That was before Monday Night Raw.

Twenty four hours after losing against Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels was engaged in a no disqualification match against Lance Cade.

About a dozen chair shots later, and the feud is no longer necessary.

Shawn Michaels has destroyed Lance Cade.

Not only that, he may have destroyed any chances of them being able to have a good singles feud against one another.

Texas Tussle

An interesting feud for Shawn Michaels would be against the man that was feuding with the man who replaced him in the program against Chris Jericho.

Shawn Michaels can be thrown into a feud with fellow Texan, JBL.

After being destroyed by Batista in a #1 Contenders match at No Mercy, JBL needs to be kept in a good feud in order to keep his momentum going.

Since he's never feuded with Shawn Michaels before, it does seem like a good idea for JBL.

Both wrestlers are excellent on the mic, so that part of the feud should be interesting.

Shawn Michaels is also someone that's capable of carrying JBL to a very good match as well.

Closing Thoughts

The writers really should have held off and had Lance Cade feuding with Shawn Michaels until Cyber Sunday.

The No Disqualification match and the ending would have been perfect for the pay per view.

Vladimir Kozlov Push

As hard as it is for me to write those three words, it must be just as hard for wrestling fans to read it.

That's right, folks, Vladimir Kozlov is about to receive a huge push on Smackdown.

There's even talks that he'll be utilized as the top heel on the brand and challenge for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

Flopped Twice

Wrestling fans have been afraid of this push for a couple of months now.

Thus far, we've seen Vladimir Kozlov flopped twice already in his short WWE career.

The company tried bringing him up to the main roster once before, but they sent him back down to developmental immediately after his Raw debut.

Back then, he was shown in the audience and give a quick interview.

Vince McMahon was absolutely furious with his creative team for bringing up someone that he didn't feel was truly ready.

Vladimir Kozlov was brought back up to the main roster in April of this year, and he was given an immediate push on Smackdown.

Week after week, wrestling fans (those that actually stayed in their seats) witnessed Vladimir Kozlov dominating random local wrestlers.

Despite his inability to connect with the audience, Vladimir Kozlov is still set to be pushed.

Possible Feuds

Apparently, the audience's lack of reaction towards Vladimir Kozlov isn't enough to dissuade WWE from pushing him.

Since we can't prevent the push from happening, we'll go ahead and offer some suggestions on making Vladimir Kozlov's push somewhat decent.

The easiest way for WWE to make this work is by going the same route as they did with the Great Khali.

Vladimir Kozlov can be made to look pretty decent if he's feuding with a great ring general like Triple H.

Jeff Hardy is another possible feud for Vladimir Kozlov. He's not a great ring general, but he does have enough popularity to carry a feud with the big Russian.

Another thing that WWE can try to do to help Vladimir Kozlov get over is to give him a manager to talk for him.

They can go with someone like Armando Estrada or bring in a former foreign heel wrestler to do the job.

Closing Thoughts

WWE is going to experience the same resentment from wrestling fans

Jeff Hardy Taken Off Airplane By Police
As Daniel reported here last night, Jeff Hardy was involved in a serious incident on Wednesday morning at Nashville International Airport. We now have new details on this developing story.

Jeff Hardy was set to depart Nashville International Airport on Wednesday morning and head back home to North Carolina along with brother Matt Hardy and Gregory Helms. All 3 men boarded the plane, however for reasons still unknown, several police officers boarded the plane before it departed and escorted Jeff Hardy off the flight.

Hardy was not handcuffed in front of the other passengers but was clearly being "escorted" off the plane. After he was back in the airport terminal, Hardy made a phone call before police took him away.

That is what we know at this point. News of Jeff Hardy's latest incident a major topic of conversation all day Wednesday at WWE headquarters in Stanford, Connecticut. With Hardy already having two Wellness strikes against him, many are worried about his job security. We'll have more on this story later today.

HBK vs Y2J at wrestlemania 25 ?

After a brutal match against Chris Jericho at the Unforgiven pay per view, Shawn Michaels will now head home.

Going Home

Before some of you freak out, allow me to inform you that Shawn Michaels isn't retiring.

That's not what I meant when I say that he's going home.

There were some speculations that Shawn Michaels was going to retire from the wrestling business when it was first revealed that he had suffered an injury.

However, after further examinations showed that he wasn't nearly as injured as previously thought, most people were aware that he would be back in a few weeks.

The "going home" part is now a storyline where Shawn Michaels will head back home to his family after destroying Chris Jericho.

Maintaining Momentum

WWE knew full well that they were on the brink of losing their hottest storyline on Raw.

They had to scramble to come up with a way to keep the momentum going despite Shawn Michaels' injury.

What they did was come up with a way to keep both Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels strong whiel the two take a break from one another.

Shawn Michaels was made to look strong by the way he destroyed Chris Jericho during their match at Unforgiven.

Chris Jericho was made to look strong by stealing the World Heavyweight Championship at the end of the night.

WWE managed to come up with something creative that kept both guys' momentum running high.

Wrestlemania Headliner

Based on the strength of the storyline, WWE has themselves a headline match for Wrestlemania now.

For the next few months, they can have Chris Jericho fighting off challenges from Batista, CM Punk, and Rey Mysterio.

WWE can then bring back Shawn Michaels and have him win one more Royal Rumble match.

That would set up the main event for Wrestlemania.

With long term planning, the main event title match between these two could become one of the most hyped matches of all time.

In fact, it has the potential to be the best Wrestlemania match of all time.

Closing Thoughts

The storyline between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels keeps getting better and better.

If this feud isn't voted the top feud of 2008, then I don't really know what else there is to say.


Jericho wins world champion!

In a shocking move, Chris Jericho ends up walking out of the Unforgiven pay per view with the World Heavyweight Championship.

Last Minute Addition

Those that paid to see Chris Jericho at Unforgiven did so to see him face off against Shawn Michaels.

They received an unexpected treat at the end of the night as the King of the World ended up walking away as the brand new World Heavyweight Champion.

Originally, WWE had advertised a championship scramble match involving CM Punk, Batista, Kane, Rey Mysterio, and JBL.

Since the company wanted to surprise the fans, they did a backstage segment where CM Punk was injured by Randy Orton and his new stable.

That enabled Raw general manager Mike Adamle to name a replacement in the match.

That fifth and final spot ended up going to Chris Jericho.

Monster Momentum

The decision to put the World Heavyweight Championship on Chris Jericho may have surprised most people, but it shouldn't have come as a complete shock.

When Chris Jericho returned to WWE after a 2 year hiatus, he had a little bit of momentum, but then that was sapped by lackluster feuds.

Once WWE started having Chris Jericho feuding with Shawn Michaels, he started picking up momentum.

With the storyline becoming extremely entertaining, Chris Jericho worked his way into becoming the top heel on the Raw brand.

Since he is the top heel on the brand, it makes all the sense in the world to put the title on him in hopes of capitalizing on his momentum.

Potential Feuds

Now that Chris Jericho is the World Heavyweight Champion, who will he feud with?

Obviously, he's going to have to eventually face CM Punk for the title, but for now the Straight Edge Superstar seems headed towards a feud with Randy Orton.

Since he feuded with Batista earlier in the year, another feud would make sense, especially if the World title is involved.

A feud that most wrestling fans have been wanting to see is the one between Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio.

If WWE plays this right for the next few weeks, then they'll have themselves a Wrestlemania main event title match between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels that fans would be begging to see.

Closing Thoughts

I said that WWE needed to create a buzz at Unforgiven to bring interest back to the product. They delivered

Blam and protect timeline

2008-06-17 21:27:18 by idiot-buster

Blam and protect timeline
Here is my timeline stating from 11/23/07, i forgot about it until 6/22/08.
I will update this When ever i feel like it.
Last update 9/26/08

involved in the termination of 1,389 crappy entries.
Assisted in the protection of 6,298 quality entries.
Rank 508

involved in the termination of 2,719 crappy entries. +1,330
Assisted in the protection of 11,658 quality entries. +5,362
Total gained 6,692

involved in the termination of 2,777 crappy entries. +58
Assisted in the protection of 11,860 quality entries. +202
Total gained 260

involved in the termination of 2,838 crappy entries. +61
Assisted in the protection of 12,023 quality entries. +163
Total gained 224
Rank 270

involved in the termination of 2,882 crappy entries. +44
Assisted in the protection of 12,160 quality entries. +137
Total gained 181
Rank 270

involved in the termination of 2,932 crappy entries. +50
Assisted in the protection of 12,330 quality entries. +170
Total gained 220
Rank 265

involved in the termination of 2,973 crappy entries.+41
Assisted in the protection of 12,533 quality entries.+203
Total gained 244
Rank 260

involved in the termination of 3,054 crappy entries.+81
Assisted in the protection of 12,738 quality entries+ 250
Total gained 331
Rank 257

involved in the termination of 3,090 crappy entries.+36
Assisted in the protection of 13,579 quality entries.+841
Total gained 877
Rank 247

involved in the termination of 3,169 crappy entries.+79
Assisted in the protection of 13,759 quality entries.+180
Total gained 259
Rank 242

involved in the termination of 3,220 crappy entries.+130
Assisted in the protection of 13,954 quality entries.+195
Total gained 325
Rank 240

involved in the termination of 3,293 crappy entries.+73
Assisted in the protection of 14,121 quality entries.+167
Total gained 240
Rank 238

involved in the termination of 3,352 crappy entries.+59
Assisted in the protection of 14,310 quality entries.+189
Total gained 248
Rank 232

involved in the termination of 3,399 crappy entries.+47
Assisted in the protection of quality entries.+202
Total gained 249
Rank 229

Blog Page

2008-05-13 15:58:49 by idiot-buster

Blog Page
This will be where all the blogs that i find important will be.

Blam and protect timeline.

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